Welcome to Daily Barre!

Daily Barre is more than an exciting new exercise class, it is a lifestyle. Drawing on all the best elements of Pilates, yoga, cardio (low impact) and suspension training, the time will fly by as your physique transforms.Let us show you how the Daily Barre method will work your whole body. Lifting and firming your seat, toning and elongating your muscles, and increasing flexibility – all while maximizing calorie burn. By utilizing the support of theballet bar (barre), the body can effectively execute isometric movements, protecting the joints in a physically secure posture.Once the music turns on, the fun begins. You will be so wrapped up in upbeat tempo of popular tunes, the hour will slip away before you know it.


  • 55 min. total body workout
  • Motivating group environmenmt
  • Re-shape your body
  • long term postural benefits
  • Increase core strength
  • Develop and Improve Balance
  • Burn fat and calories
  • Connect mind, body and breath
  • Firm muscles
  • Increase energy

Prepare for your first class:

Class takes place on padded carpet. Exercise pants or capris and tops that allow for easy movement (but with support) are recommended..

Non-slip socks are available for purchase in the studio, regular cotton socks are also fine. Also bring water and a towel for your personal use.